Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Squall - Matsumoto Eiko / Fukuyama Masaharu

English Translation

The sky is so beautiful
Making the recent rain seem like a lie

Because you smile like that
I get happy without even noticing

Your slightly-too-large shirt
I just now grabbed onto the sleeve as you passed...

I'm so much in love it's sad
I can't hide this pain anymore
I want to be with you more
Just the two of us
I want you to make my summer longing come true
I've been searching, just for you...

The sweating glasses of iced tea
And too many Polaroids

Because we frolicked around like that
The way home seems so lonely

The train station dyed by the sunset
You wave your hand as you get farther away...

I'm falling in love so much it hurts
I can't hide this passion anymore
I always dreamed
That we'd meet each other
I want you to understand my summer longing

And I touched the rain!
So I need your love

I'm in love, I'm falling in love
I won't hide this passion anymore
I dreamed
That we finally met
An unending summer longing
I've been searching, just for you...


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