Wednesday, November 4, 2009

PES 2010 patch!!

here i want to share the best pes2010 patch so far.. however, not all of the latest player transfers are here i've uploaded my own savefile with most of the latest player can use is with this patch.. :)

**players created & added by me :

Habib Beye (Aston Villa)
Fabian Delph (Aston Villa)
Sebastian Bassong (Tottenham)
Nemanja Matic (Chelsea)
Gokhan Tore (Chelsea)

**credit to

Transfers Update:
+Ligue 1: Gudjonssen In Monaco, Ciani In Bordeaux……
+BundesLiga: Robben To Bayern Munich, Gomez To Bayern Too……
+Seria A: Sneijder To Inter ,Crespo To Genoa…….
+Liga: Miguel Torres To Real Madrid, Negerdo In Sevilla………

+Classics Teams
+All Logos Ans Names For Teams
+All Premiere League Kits
+All Liga Kits
+All National Kits
+All Bundesliga
+All Real Names For Players
+Eredivisie Replace Other B
+Add Teams For Champions League
+New Kits For Referees
+Giuseppe Meazza New Turfs And Intros
+Santiago Bernabeu New Turfs And Intros
+Old Trafford New Turfs And Intros
+Camp Nou New Turfs And Intros
+San Siro New Turfs And Intros
+Bristol Mary Stadium New Turfs
+Wembley new Turfs
+Konami Stadium New Turfs
+Playstation 3 Pad
+Add More Than 50 Faces (Ligue1, Bundesliga, Liga…)
+HD Emblemes For All Teams
+Latest Bootpack
+New BallPack
+Fix Calendars (With Real Leagues And Cups Logos)
+Real Images For Coaches And Staff In Masterleague
+Scoreboard Skysport
+Kits By Grand Bleu
+Bootpack By Johnao And Miguelstyle
+Turfs (MSK,Slayers67)
+Stadiums Intros By Nagyi2pac
+Scoreboard By Flavioggl
+HD Emblemes By El Pocho
+ Thnx To Tunizizou For His Help

Screenshots taken by me :



QZ / KZT said...

layan fm 2010 deh..baru masyuk..hehe

Syakir said...


areev19 said...

QZ : fm2010? football manager? aku maen fifa manager 2010.. =)

Syakir : malaysia pnye team xde la..

rekomaster said...

Arief...untuk download link, aku suggest ko pakai 2 , byk choice skit..., xder la stuck kan..

areev19 said...

ermm..baek2..lpas ni kalau aku ade edit2 n buat patch bru mcm yg aku bwat utk pes2009, insyaAllah aku akan upload kat link yg bnyk2 sket mcm rapidmirrors.. :)

izzat said...

hello areev19..
aku nk tnye soalan..
cmne nk apply patch 2 ek??
sowie,soalan bodo..
tolong ye...

areev19 said...

izzat, lpas donlod patch tu, unrar/unzip smua files.

Pastu copy folder KITSERVER, paste kan dlm installation folder ko utk game PES2010. Contoh : kat dlm

C:\Program files\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\

Pastu, masuk dlm folder kitserver tu, ade setup.exe. Klik situ n klik kat ATTACH

YG kedua, copy folder SAVE, paste dlm My Document\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\save
Overwrite data..

Then dah boleh maein... :)


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